Hettich Quadro 4D V6 drawer runners (including front clips and rear adjuster catches)


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*Please note these runners are not compatible with Probox Classic Swift or Probox Eko drawers

Quadro 4D V6 high performance full extension runner with integrated Silent System soft close (including one pair of front clips and 1 pair of rear adjuster catches).

Loading capacity up to 30 kg

Sleek furniture design with sharply defined silhouettes is the mark of today’s trend in furniture. Distinctively narrow gaps merge individual front segments to make them look like a homogeneous surface. Perfectly adjusted gaps instantly signalise high product quality. Create a new dimension in sophisticated furniture design the quick and easy way with Quadro 4D.

Quadro 4D is the ideal runner for sophisticated furniture design and producing it with precision:

  • Convenient adjustment in 4 directions: height, side, tilt and depth
  • Quickly, intuitively and tool-less
  • Gap alignment to impress in record time
  • Stability, long life and operating convenience of the Quadro principle
  • Full extension runner for a perfect view of drawer contents and easy access

Silent System – the integrated Silent System closes the drawer quietly and gently

  • Convenient slide on installation with 4D catches and tilt adjustment
  • Integrated intuitive height, side, tilt and depth adjustment up to +/- 2 mm without the need for tools
  • Loading capacity to EN 15338, Level 3
  • Galvanised steel, suitable for rooms exposed to moisture


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