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Drawer Boxes and Kitchen Drawer Boxes

When selecting the right drawer boxes it is important to look for both high quality and increased functionality. Gone are the days of having to contend with single compartment drawers or having to create your own compartments. You can now have drawer boxes built to specifically match your needs and requirements. With bespoke kitchen drawer boxes from ProBox you will be able to organise all of your kitchen utensils and food so that they can be found and used in an instant.

Probox Classic Beech, Oak, Walnut & Maple Solid Wood Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Low quality means frequent replacements and a lot of ill-feeling; this is why we offer the very best dovetail drawer boxes. Constructing them in this way helps to ensure that they will be long lasting and sturdy. The ProBox dovetail drawer boxes also look the part when they are inspected closely with no detail left unfinished. You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that ProBox take care to consider every detail, no matter how small.

Choosing the design of wooden drawer boxes is important but choosing the material that they are made from can be even more vital. Beech, Oak, Walnut or Maple drawer boxes from ProBox are extremely durable whilst at the same time offering the most popular finishes available. We take great pride in every individual item that we create and anything other than perfection is unacceptable. Give the team at ProBox a call today to discuss your needs and let us get to work for you.

Eko Dowelled Drawer Boxes

The oak veneered sides of Eko are finished to a high standard with a UV-cured clear lacquer to approximately 20% sheen, and the bases are made from matching oak-finish mfc. Designed for easy assembly and installation, Eko drawers have a unique rear runner location detail and the corners have pre-inserted dowels to provide a strong connection.
Eko drawers are sized for the full range of standard carcasses using soft-close under-mount runners; manufacturers can then apply fronts to suit their applications.