Welcome to our brochures page, where you can download the Probox catalogue showcasing fine craftsmanship and innovation in drawer boxes, drawer accessories, and also in-frame shaker doors for kitchens and wardrobes.  Our brochures serve as an invaluable source of inspiration and information for architects, interior designers, joinery professionals, and discerning homeowners alike.  Explore the latest trends in drawer designs and door and frame options, discover a wide array of materials and finishes, and gain insights into our commitment to quality and sustainability.  Whether you’re a kitchen company looking to offer a traditional inframe door design, or an interior designer creating a modern suite of furniture, our brochures provide a window into the world of premium dovetail drawer boxes, and inframe shaker door solutions, all tailored to meet your exacting specifications.

High quality bespoke kitchen cabinet brochure.

Download our Probox General Catalogue - Including Doors and Frames

Classic Swift Vision drawer data sheet-new

Download our Probox Classic Swift Vision Drawers Data sheet