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The team at Probox are dedicated to providing great customer service and a high quality product.  We hope that our FAQ section answers your queries – please contact us for more information.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Our customers can order one replacement drawer or two hundred!  We are a dedicated bespoke manufacturer of drawer boxes so let us know your needs.

Can you make any size of drawer?

Yes just let us know your measurements and specification.

Do you use multi-stave timber sides?

Quality is paramount at Probox.  Whenever possible we use single piece sides and we always use the highest quality timber.

How quickly can we have our drawers?

Let us know your requirements and we’ll do everything we can to achieve your deadline.  As standard we work on a 10 working day lead time but we are flexible.

Can we finish the drawers ourselves?

We supply our drawers finished and ready for installation.  However if you prefer to apply your own stains and oils we can supply the drawers unfinished.

We have special requirements for our drawers – can you make the drawers exactly as we want them?

We are bespoke manufacturers so we can accommodate customer special requirements.  We provide a unique quote for every project, please contact us with your specification.

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