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FSC Certified

Probox is able to supply FSC® certified solid wood drawers and accessories to its customers after attaining FSC® certification.  We are proud to offer this choice as part of our ongoing commitment to quality and service for our customers.

FSC® certified wood is wood that is certified under the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Certification is given to companies and landowners to verify that they practice forestry in an environmentally responsible way, that takes into account economic viability and social responsibilities. The FSC® label on wood guarantees that consumers can trust the sources.

Actual certification is carried out by independent organizations that are accredited by FSC® to carry out assessments. These certifiers also verify that companies seeking to sell FSC® certified products have tracked their supply all the way back to FSC® certified sources. This entire process ensures that consumers can trust the FSC® label.

Since it has been shown that around 20% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by carbon pollution resulting from deforestation, FSC® certified products offer consumers a way to help the environment, as these products come from sustainable sources.

FSC® also has the support of trusted environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

Please click here for a pdf of all the wood species.

License Code FSC-C132365

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