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Probox Timber Q&A

Walnut Dovetail Drawers Online

1# What timber options are available at Probox dovetail drawers?

Probox offer a wide choice of timbers, including oak, maple, beech, walnut and birch ply.

2# What is the quality of the timber used to make the Probox drawers?

Probox use high quality A grade solid timber. At the beginning of the manufacturing process the team carefully select only quality pieces of timber as we believe that timber selection is crucial for making premium dovetail drawers.

Birch Ply is BB grade and offers a 25% saving on solid oak, this is a popular for wardrobe drawers.

3# Do you offer FSC timber?  

Yes, Probox can provide dovetail drawers made using only FSC certified timber and as we are certified we can continue the chain of custody. Please specify FSC when you place your order.

4# If I want my dovetail drawers to be made from an unusual timber, is this possible?

We are always looking to make sure customers are happy and we are pleased to investigate unusual timbers and provide prices. Please discuss with the team if you have a timber in mind.

5# Can I supply my own timber?

This is possible, please discuss with the Probox team.

If you have any questions about the timber used at Probox call 01280 825776 and speak to our friendly team.


Probox – Timber Focus

Probox supply high quality kitchen and furniture manufacturers with dovetail drawers made from high grade solid timber with a wide selection of options, including walnut, beech, maple, oak and birch ply.

oak standard notched bespoke dovetail drawers

All timber focus is sourced responsibly and FSC certified solid wood drawers and accessories are available.

For all bespoke dovetail drawers each side has 150mm single stave across any timber. In other words all drawer sides up to a height of 150mm are made from a piece of solid timber. Any drawers made larger than this will have carefully selected joints to reach the required height. Staves are not jointed in their length.

At the beginning of the manufacturing process the Probox manufacturing team carefully select only A grade timber to make our dovetail drawers.  The high grade timber we use is designed to match the specification standard of high quality kitchen and furniture manufacturers. We believe that timber selection is crucial for making premium dovetail drawers.

One way to see the quality of the timber we select and the craftsmanship of our manufacturing is to order a sample dovetail drawer box. Please call 01280 825776 to order a sample.

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