Face Frames

3 Nov 2022

Our range of bespoke face frames for furniture and kitchen cabinet doors are all manufactured to your sizes and specifications as we are a trade only joinery specialist although we do have certain stock size cabinet doors and drawers available.

Face frame profiles are used to add what might be termed a ‘picture frame effect’ so that a kitchen cabinet or book case is ornamented with a simple frame around the front to add a classic touch.

Face Frame       Face Frame

It has come about partly because of the craze for inframe doors in modern kitchens. Examples can also include wardrobe doors, and other storage wall or cabinets.

Now expanded to three sites in the UK, we manufacture from a range of hardwood or MDF timbers. These are carefully sourced to ensure ensure joinery products are accurate and sustainable.

See more of our workshop in operation on this video:

We use the latest in CNC woodworking machines combined with traditional skills to offer trade clients: short lead times for UK production, bespoke outsourced face frames and excellent and consistent quality.

We look forward to working with you soon!