Face Frames – A Guide to Traditional Cabinetry Styles

3 Nov 2022

What are Face Frames in the Cabinet World?

Traditional timber cupboards or cabinets were built with a frame of timber, and the doors were set within this frame. Modern kitchen and other cabinets have the door covering the whole of the carcase, giving a frameless appearance. Today the traditional appearance involving a frame is very popular, and this can be achieved by adding a simple frame to the front of a standard carcase, giving the traditional look but still utilising the convenience and versatility of modern modular carcases. So instead of choosing a door for your cabinet carcase, you can choose a 5 piece shaker door and frame, and you create the traditional “inframe” appearance. Further authenticity can be created by adding cock-beading to the frame, or traditional-style dovetailed drawer boxes and brass butt hinges, either actual or decorative.

Why are Cabinet Face Frames Popular?

It has come about partly because of the craze for inframe doors in modern kitchens. Examples can also include wardrobe doors, and other storage wall or cabinets. Face frames also give cabinets a more solid chunky appearance, which is popular with interior designers. Another reason is that it makes built-in units easier, as the face frame can be cut to match the adjacent wall, scribing to get rid of gaps.

What Face Frames do Probox Manufacture?

Our range of bespoke face frames for furniture and kitchen cabinet doors are all manufactured to your sizes and specifications. You can choose from a variety of timbers, and the frames can be detailed with chamfers or cock-beading for added style. Review the bespoke frame options or download a brochure.  We are a trade joinery specialist with several modern efficient factories in England. If You can also choose from a variety of primer or lacquer finishes, all professionally sprayed in our in-house coating shop. Although all frames are built-to-order, if you need standard-sized shaker doors or drawer boxes quickly, we also have a range of ready-made oak dovetailed drawer boxes and  5-piece doors in mdf, available for same-day despatch.

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We use the latest in CNC woodworking machines combined with traditional skills to offer trade clients: short lead times for UK production, bespoke outsourced face frames and excellent and consistent quality.

We look forward to working with you soon!