5 Piece Shaker Doors

28 Apr 2023

A Popular, Timeless Classic

While they have been around for a long time, 5-piece shaker doors remain an extremely popular option for kitchens and other areas of the house.  The 2 most popular applications are kitchen cabinet doors and wardrobe doors, but they have many other uses within furniture manufacturing.

What Are 5-Piece Shaker Doors?

As the name suggests, these shaker doors have 4 pieces of wood making the perimeter of the door plus the centre panel making 5 altogether. The perimeters are known as stiles and rails, the stiles being the vertical pieces and the rails are horizontal.  Having a simple yet timeless and classy design makes shaker doors indispensable in the modern kitchen or wardrobe door furniture setting. Certainly, they are increasingly popular from our clients at Probox.

How They Are Made Today

Named for the original ‘shaker’ master craftsmen who made kitchen doors by hand, this functional and beautiful kitchen cabinet door style is manufactured today in our super-modern joinery workshop using the latest modern machinery, for our trade kitchen unit customers and bedroom furniture customers.

5 Piece Shaker Doors                                    Solid Wood Shaker Style Doors | Probox Drawers

A Versatile Option for Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture Suppliers

The trend for traditional cabinet appearance has been made efficient and easily achievable by combining a shaker door with a face frame. Outsourcing production of your five-piece shaker doors to a company that already produces inframe kitchen doors, dovetail drawer boxes, and wooden cutlery inserts can make a lot of sense and allow you to focus on what you do best.

We can manufacture in a range of different hardwoods and MDF in differing thicknesses, and also machine the door’s hinge inserts. You can choose what finish you prefer, including priming – a truly bespoke service to allow you to satisfy the most discerning customer.

Utilising both advanced CNC machines and traditional joinery skills, we act as a trade partner for your kitchen cabinet door and solid timber drawer needs.

This video below gives you an idea of the steps involved in making our solid hardwood drawer boxes. This is a process refined over years and now applied similarly to our range of 5-piece kitchen doors and face frames.