Drawers vs Shelves – Which Is The Best Solution For Kitchen Organisation?

10 Feb 2022

When it comes to organising a kitchen, swapping from shelves to drawers could be too expensive or time-consuming. However, knowing the real-life benefits between shelves vs drawers could transform a kitchen positively.

Organise a Kitchen with the User’s Needs in Mind

Knowing the place for an item and where it needs to go in the kitchen is a crucial point and is the secret to maintaining a well organised and manageable system. Having a designated space creates a streamlined environment when cooking for family and friends.

It’s crucial that when items are placed in a kitchen, they are in an easily accessible area, i.e. spice jars next to the oven or utensils near the hob. For ideal access, this is where a drawer shines!

The True Comparison of Drawers vs Shelves


Drawers | Shelves


Can placed at any height

Drawers and shelves can be placed at any height.

Multiple items are easily accessible 

Shelves can have multiple items on them, but they can be cluttered and impractical.

Modular systems

You can only do one thing with a shelf, and there are hundreds of features available with a drawer.

Easily stackable

Shelves and drawers are stackable, but drawers are far more practical when utilising space.

Quick installation

When it comes to quick installation shelves certainly have the advantage, but drawer carcases allow drawer boxes to be installed efficiently.

The Importance of Decluttering a Kitchen

The old saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’, but this is not the case for small, hard-to-reach items. Shelf storage may seem like the quick and easy solution when trying to organise cupboards. Drawers however enable your customers to create an innovative intelligent storage solution for their kitchen.

Having a dedicated wooden drawer for specific items can make a difference when organising a kitchen. Shelves can be great for quick-grab items such as pots and pans, but they are not ideal and have no real benefit when it comes to many items in one place.

Sometimes it depends on cooking habits; if your clients use lots of ingredients but like to maximise space, utilising a wider, higher and deeper pull-out drawer ensures that space isn’t wasted. Read more about storage space and optimisation from blum.

Advantages of Drawer Boxes

When you think of a drawer box, there are endless options and unique features:

  • Hidden/Secret drawers – The ideal solution to add extra storage space to what may have ended up
    being unused space
  • Larder units – Designated drawer space in larders, enables easier access and better use of space with no need for a step-up to access items high up and at the back of a shelf
  • Creating unexpected space – Often the space below sinks is wasted due to plumbing. U-shaped drawers offer storage that wouldn’t otherwise be utilised

Dovetail Drawers – a key design feature in hand built, high quality kitchens

Drawers are typical in most kitchens today, with continuous expanses of storage and workspace partnered with countertops, which didn’t exist before the 1920’s. In the past, kitchens had fewer storage solutions and had little resemblance to the modular drawer boxes available – now considered a necessity in most modern-day kitchens.

Drawers, and especially dovetail drawers, give any kitchen that feel of true craftsmanship. Wooden finishes, such as Birch Ply, Oak, Maple and Walnut can be the defining feature to your handcrafted kitchens creating storage solutions that your clients love!

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