High End Kitchen Design Trends For 2018

6 Dec 2017

Being Brave With Bright Or Strong Colours

This year we have seen high-end kitchens with cabinets highlighted with bright colours. These become a focal point and a reflection of the client’s style, be it a sophisticated deep navy blue or more quirky with bright red, green or pink. We expect this trend to continue as customers see their kitchen as a creative project and strive to make their kitchen unique.


The Rise Of Baking

The British Bake Off has created a trend for increased baking in the kitchen, pantries are on the rise and prove to be a great place to keep all those baking ingredients. Pantries can be integrated or free-standing.


Hiden Functional Facilities

Spice racks inside pantries or large cupboards are on the increase as well as hidden drawers inside larders or cabinets and drawer inserts that make drawers more functional uses of space.  Hiding functional facilities helps keeps kitchens tidy and aids a seamless look. (Ask Probox about spice racks, drawers and drawer inserts)


Two Tone

Sheelagh G Garner, from First Lease Limited in Bath, commented “My immediate reaction is two-tone – deeper colour on the base units, the dark slate greys – with the paler colour units above”.


Personalised And Branded Drawers

Drawer sides can have the kitchen manufacturer’s logo engraved on each side, promoting the brand and for the end user emphasising that this is a high-quality bespoke made kitchen. This is becoming more popular and is applied through an engraving process. Another trend is engraving drawer fronts with personalised tables, with labels like cutlers or utensils. Ask Probox about our engraving service.


Curved Drawers 

We have noticed an increase in the use of curved cabinet doors in kitchen design, these are time-consuming to make but are an innovative addition to high-end kitchens.