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Probox customers add logo designs to drawers with quick and easy engraving service

WOOdGOOd Handcrafted English FurnitureMany kitchen manufacturers and furniture designers are branding the sides of their drawers with a company logo. This is an optional extra when ordering Probox bespoke dovetail drawers.

Logo placement on the side of dovetail drawers is a popular service. The logo isn’t visible when the drawer is closed, but appears when the drawer is opened and serves as a mark of quality and a reminder that this kitchen or furniture is a bespoke made, hand crafted, quality item.

Probox can engrave a variety of artworks from solid logos to more intricate patterns. The computerised CNC engraving machine offers precision positioning of engraved artwork and allows large batches of drawer boxes to be produced with complete uniformity.

The engraving service has also been used to personalise kitchen elements with the clients name and a popular choice is to use engraving to personalise drawers for children’s furniture.

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