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Wooden Drawer Boxes vs. Metal Drawer Boxes

So, you’re choosing or designing a new kitchen, and need to decide what type of drawer box to choose.  What are the options, and which is best for the users personal requirements?

In short there are two main options – metal drawer boxes and wooden drawer boxes.  Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each.


Price Considerations

Metal drawers (or part metal and part wood drawer boxes) can offer lower costs for most projects – standard sizes, high production quantities and automated processes create production efficiencies. However, with the world of automation perhaps nearing its peak, wooden draw boxes can also benefit from some of these efficiencies without compromising on quality, craftsmanship or the handmade feel, especially if dovetail construction is used – they can be made to measure to suit your bespoke cabinets.

When it comes to the crux, the true value of the right kind of drawer to use can be a complex decision. Although a drawer could be perceived as a small detail, keeping the kitchen user’s specific ideas and requirements in mind when designing and creating a working space can be a hard process. In some areas it can make a huge difference to kitchens, offices and other environments and makes the difference to any project when creating a user-friendly space to its maximum.

Wooden drawer box illustration showing dovetail joints

Metal and wooden drawer box finishes

Creating that classy look in a kitchen from the outside in can be hard when there is a limited choice of materials and finishes. Metal drawers have their place in minimalist and modern kitchens but have a limited offering of 2 or 3 different finishes.

Wooden drawers, however, do have the benefit of many material choices and even bespoke finishing. They can be matched to the carcass material or even contrasted to create a standout feature to boast that true handmade feel from the outside in.

Custom hand made pantry-style image

Key questions to consider when choosing between metal and wooden drawer boxes

Here’s a handy comparison chart showing the pros and cons of metal and wooden cabinet drawer boxes in relation to 4 key consideration points:

Consideration Factor:

Wooden Drawer Boxes: Metal Drawer Boxes:


Drawers can come in any shape and size? Yes


Metal drawers come in multiple sizes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are bespoke to suit your carcasses.
Drawers can be in any finish?



Metal drawers only come in a metallic finish and can’t be easily changed. There are multiple material choices for wooden drawers and can be custom-stained.
Drawers have an excellent life-cycle?



As time goes on metal drawers lose their rigidity and require repair. Dovetailed wooden drawers, like your kitchens are built for a lifetime.
Drawers add an element of design?



Metal drawers like the Blum Legrabox, can add a certain finesse and do have their place in kitchen designs. Wooden drawers especially dovetailed offer a uniqueness and stand out WOW factor.

Bespoke Size Options

Sometimes it can be tricky to source a metal drawer that can be tailored for you or your client’s specific carcass or use. Metal drawers will enable you to accomplish a sleek contemporary look which is great if that’s as far as you want to go. Your options of uniqueness within this space though are really over after this initial choice, as metal drawers can mean that you may have to stifle yours and your client’s creativity for the project because of limited options on sizes let alone finishes.

Wooden cabinet drawers allow you to offer a completely bespoke option with minimal cost difference on the overall project. Popular Woodworking comment on the real-life benefits of using wooden drawers and minimal additional costs required when it comes to investments in labour.

Our Range of Bespoke Dovetail Wooden Cabinet Drawer Boxes – The Ultimate Blend of Style and Quality

Having a dovetail drawer gives you and your the kitchen user a huge range of bespoke or ready to go options along with all the benefits.  The available woods include Birch Ply, Beech, Oak, Ash, Maple and Walnut.  Dovetail drawers really add that key quality and robust quality to any kitchen, wardrobe, home study/office and many other areas.

Wooden Drawer Boxes – The Sustainable Option

If you are a professional joiner or involved in kitchen manufacturing and you would like to support our One Tree Planted initiative, then we would absolutely love to hear from you.

With every order we receive including drawer boxes, spice racks, cutlery inserts and many more, we guarantee a tree will be planted. If you would like to use this information as part of your marketing communications, our team are happy to assist.

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