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Probox Timber Q&A


1# What timber options are available at Probox dovetail drawers?

Probox offer a wide choice of timbers, including oak, maple, beech, walnut and birch ply.

2# What is the quality of the timber used to make the Probox drawers?

Probox use high quality A grade solid timber. At the beginning of the manufacturing process the team carefully select only quality pieces of timber as we believe that timber selection is crucial for making premium dovetail drawers.

Birch Ply is BB grade and offers a 25% saving on solid oak, this is a popular for wardrobe drawers.

3# Do you offer FSC timber?  

Yes, Probox can provide dovetail drawers made using only FSC certified timber and as we are certified we can continue the chain of custody. Please specify FSC when you place your order.

4# If I want my dovetail drawers to be made from an unusual timber, is this possible?

We are always looking to make sure customers are happy and we are pleased to investigate unusual timbers and provide prices. Please discuss with the team if you have a timber in mind.

5# Can I supply my own timber?

This is possible, please discuss with the Probox team.

If you have any questions about the timber used at Probox call 01280 825776 and speak to our friendly team.


Probox see growth in demand for internal drawers

walnut cutout


Internal dovetail drawers are boxes with a scoop handle front. They are made to the same high specification as standard dovetail drawers, the only difference is the front cut out shape.

Internal dovetail drawers are used on a variety of furniture projects, including internal kitchen drawers, walk in wardrobes, fashion retail stores and other high quality furniture projects.

Internal boxes are available in all A grade timbers including solid oak, maple, walnut, beech and also bb grade birch ply. Each side can have a 150mm single stave across any timber i.e. all drawer sides up to a height of 150mm are made from a piece of solid timber.


Daniel Wells, Sales Director, at Probox commented “We can make the cut out on internal drawers to any bespoke shape, but the most common is 100mm wide, 25mm deep”.

The internal boxes also offer an optional 15mm drop front that conceal under mounted runners.

Daniel added “Internal drawers have become a lot more popular over the past year and are often used for kitchen larder units and walk in wardrobes”.


Thinking of trying Probox dovetails drawers?



If you currently use metal drawers or standard wooden drawers and would like to upgrade to Probox solid timber dovetail drawers;

1# Probox can provide a sample drawer box so you can examine the timber and the workmanship that goes into making the drawer. Each sample drawer has a different timber on each side, showing beech, oak, maple and walnut, which are our 4 most popular materials.

2# Probox has a highly experienced team of sales advisers, who are happy to help guide you through your first project. Call 01280 825776 to speak to the team.

3# Probox has well-presented brochure that shows our full range of products with technical details and photos. Feel free to request a brochure for your reference.

4# Take a look at the Probox video on our website and see the team producing dovetail drawers.


New Recruit At Probox Dovetail Drawers



Probox is the UK’s leading supplier of solid timber drawer boxes and has been a trusted partner of the kitchen and furniture industry for over 15 years.

Probox have made a new recruit in their customer services team, Ella Hysom has joined Probox in Gawcott, Buckingham as a sales adviser. Ella brings lots of experience and industry knowledge, as she previously managed customer service at Pro Components in Northampton


Daniel Wells, director at Probox commented “We welcome Ella to Probox, we are confident that she will quickly become a valuable member of the team”.

Ella Hysom, sales adviser at Probox, commented “I’m excited to join Probox, as I’ve worked in the same industry before, processing orders and advising customers on dovetail drawers comes naturally to me”.

2017 has been an interesting and progressive year at Probox with many more customers on board, proving the benefits of partnering with Probox for dovetail drawer production. Either to simply help out in a busy period or for total outsourcing of dovetail drawer manufacture. The main feedback being the advantage of freeing up time to work on more important tasks, removing a bottleneck to increase output and reduce lead times in their production, the reliable consistency of quality and competitive pricing, making this an obvious move forward for many kitchen and furniture manufacturers.


High end kitchen design trends for 2018







1#Being brave with bright or strong colours

This year we have seen kitchens with cabinets highlighted with bright colours. These become a focus point and a reflection of the clients style, be it sophisticated deep navy blue or more quirky with bright red, green or pink. We expect this trend to continue as customers see their kitchen as a creative project and strive to make their kitchen unique.

2#The rise of baking

The British Bake Off has created a trend for increased baking in the kitchen, pantries are on the rise and prove to be a great place to keep all those baking ingredients. Pantries can be integrated or free standing.

3#Hiden functional facilities

Spice racks inside pantries or large cupboards are on the increase as well as hidden drawers inside larders or cabinets and drawer inserts that make drawers more functional uses of space.  Hiding functional facilities helps keeps kitchens tidy and aids a seamless look. (Ask Probox about spice racks, drawers and drawer inserts)

4#Two Tone

Sheelagh G Garner, from First Lease Limited in Bath commented “My immediate reaction is two tone – deeper colour on the base units, the dark slate greys – with the paler colour units above”

5#Personalised and branded drawers

Drawer sides can have the kitchen manufacturer’s logo engraved on each side, promoting the brand and for the end user emphasising that this is a high quality bespoke made kitchen. This is becoming more popular and is applied through an engraving process. Another trend is engraving drawer fronts with personalised tables, with labels like cutler or utensils. Ask Probox about our engraving service.

6#Curved drawers 

We have noticed an increase in the use of curved cabinet doors in kitchen design, these are time consuming to make but are an innovative addition to high end kitchens.


Steven Booker Kitchens & Furniture uses Probox dovetail drawers as a trusted trade partner



Steven Booker Kitchens & Furniture is a high-end kitchen designer and manufacturer based near leafy Shipston-on-Stour. Steven and his small team of craftsmen have completed projects for customers in Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, London and beyond.

Steven trained at the workshops of renowned furniture designer, Gordon Russell, and has been a skilled cabinet maker for over 30 years.  Steven established his own company, designing and making kitchens and furniture, in 2001.  More recently, Steven and his wife, Verity, opened a showroom next to their workshop in the picturesque North Cotswolds farm location.

Steven designs and makes kitchens from scratch after first meeting with the customer on site to discuss layout, style, colour and materials. He can tailor each design to suit the client’s property and style preference, be it sleek and modern or more traditional, and can incorporate innovate design ideas to maximize storage or simply add to the uniqueness of each kitchen.

The construction techniques Steven uses are chosen to ensure his kitchens are built to last. This is one of the reasons Steven uses trusted trade partner Probox to make his dovetail drawers.

Probox make high quality solid timber dovetail drawers for kitchen and furniture manufacturers.


Probox dovetail drawers reflect luxury, extravagance, durability and precision. This always begins with quality A-grade timber and involves a highly skilled team of craftsman and meticulous quality control. Each drawer is bespoke, made to fit the kitchen or furniture design exactly, and are available in a range of materials, including oak, maple, walnut, beech and birch-ply.

Steven Booker commented “Using Probox for bespoke dovetail drawers really works for us and allows our skilled workshop team more time to concentrate on the kitchen itself, therefore creating a faster turnaround for our customers”.

Steve added “Probox produce immaculate drawers, offer a friendly service and deliver in a timely manner. We see Probox as an extension of our workshop, allowing us to comfortably deliver beautiful kitchens to our customers within agreed timescales and focus on innovative design”.


Daniel Wells, Director at Probox commented, “Probox are a trusted trade partner to many high end kitchen manufacturers, we are the drawer manufacturer of choice because of the quality of our drawers and our reliable service”.



12 Reasons to make Probox Drawers your trusted trade partner








Probox is the trusted trade partner to many large and small kitchen and furniture manufacturers, here’s 12 reasons to join them and outsource your quality dovetail drawer manufacturing to Probox.

  1. Probox only use responsibility sourced high quality A grade solid timber to make their bespoke dovetail drawers.
  2. When producing bespoke dovetail drawers, each side has 150mm single stave across any timber.
  3. Drawers larger than 150mm have carefully selected joints to reach the required height, staves are not jointed in their length.
  4. By outsourcing drawers to Probox, kitchen and furniture manufactures can save time on projects and focus their resources on other aspects of the project.
  5. Dovetail machines that Probox use are CNC controlled providing variable pitch dovetails that allows total freedom for the drawer heights. Another advantage of the machinery at Probox is the ability to produce “traditional” dovetails with pins wider than the sockets. This makes the dovetail joints more hand crafted in appearance.
  6. All Probox drawers are hand finished and sprayed with a 10% lacquer for long lasting durability.
  7. Probox offer Birch Ply, Birch Ply dovetail drawers provide a 25% saving on solid timber drawers. Birch Ply is a popular choice of wood for bedroom and office furniture drawers. (BB grade).
  8. Probox also offer a Classic Swift service. These are high quality fully assembled solid oak dovetail drawers that are in stock and ready to dispatch. A wide variety of sizes are catered for. This service is popular with kitchen designers that don’t require a bespoke size and need the drawers quickly and also provides a cheaper option for people that just need a small number of drawers.
  9. All Probox drawers are dispatched via our packing department. They are hand packed to protect them during transit, making sure that they arrive in perfect condition.
  10. Probox also make a wide range of bespoke kitchen accessories, including handled trays, spice racks and cutlery inserts.
  11. Probox supply premium drawer runners, including brands such as Blum and Grass. These brands offer a smooth action and options such as soft close and self-closing action.
  12. Probox offer an engraving service. This can be used to apply branding to the side of the drawers, by engraving the kitchen manufactures logo, to personalise the kitchen with the clients name or more functional engraved labels.

Quality Timber From Probox Drawers

walnut-dropped-front copy






Probox dovetail drawers are made with 13mm or 15mm timber, depending on the customer requirement. All Probox dovetail drawers made from oak, maple, beech or walnut are made using A grade solid timber that’s responsibility sourced.  FSC certified timber is also available.

Birch Ply dovetail drawers offer a 25% saving on solid timber drawers. Birch Ply is a popular choice of wood for bedroom and office furniture drawers. (BB grade)

Probox drawers always begin with a meticulous timber selection process. Timber is carefully chosen and selected to match for colour and pattern, throughout the drawer.

Creating a bespoke Probox dovetail drawer that reflects luxury, extravagance, durability and precision must always begin with carefully selected quality A grade timber.

Daniel Wells, Director at Probox, commented “Probox has a well-earned reputation for producing quality dovetail drawers and the foundation of our quality is in the timber selection process”.

Other timbers are available on request.


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