Notching for undermount runners Q&A







Probox offer the preparation needed to apply your draw runners, this is notching and drilling.

#Q What is notching?

#A Notching is small areas that are cut out of the drawer underneath to accept runners.

#Q Why would I need notching?:

#A If you are using undermount drawer runners then you will need notching to allow the runners to be fitted

#Q Do I need drilling?

#A When you apply undermount drawer runners you will need drilling to fit the runners. Probox offer this as part of the service to save you time. The drilling pattern will depend on the runners you choose. When you order your dovetail drawers, simply specify which runners you are using and Probox will apply the correct drilling pattern to suit.

#Q What about internal drawers?

#A If you are using the boxes as an internal drawer then you only need the notching at the rear of the box and we can design the box to have a 15mm drop front (this means the front is larger than the sides and the back). The drop front conceals the runners when viewing the drawer once fitted.


Probox expands range of Classic Swift standard sized drawers

Probox stocks a range of standard sized drawers called ‘Classic Swift’. These are solid A grade oak dovetail drawers in a range of sizes.

Probox has now expanded the range to include 180mm high drawers that suit 450mm under mount runners for both Lay On and In Frame applications.

The Classic Swift range is easy to order on our website. The dovetail drawers are then taken from stock and delivered out with protective packaging.

Daniel Wells, commented “Our customers have been asking for a drawer with a larger height, so we now stock a range of drawers with 180mm height that suit 450mm under mount runners, these are all now available to buy via our website”.

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Q&A with Jotham from Probox Drawers

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Jotham is an account manager at Probox Drawers, he has many years of experience working with dovetail drawers and spends much of his time guiding customers through the production process.

Jotham commented “Customers often look through our website and then ring us just to confirm a couple of points about their boxes, we are always happy to answer any questions people have”.

#Q I want a drawer box but I don’t want a separate drawer front, what are my options?

#A We can offer boxes that come with a handle cut out, meaning a drawer front/handles don’t need to be applied. With these boxes we can also offer a 15mm dropped front which is used to hide the runner and provides a neater appearance. We have a range of standard cut outs on offer, but we can also make cut-outs to your design.

#Q Do you offer laser engraving, I want to put my logo on the side of some of my drawers?

#A Yes laser engraving is a new option we are able to offer and means we can produce engraving with fine details and provides a nice colour contrast against the material.

#Q I know my carcase size, but what size should my drawer be, can you help me?

#A It depends what drawer thickness you want. If you go for our standard range which is a 13mm material then you need to deduct 16mm from your opening width but if you are having boxes with 15mm material, like the Birch plywood, then you need to deduct 12mm from the opening. These calculations work for the Grass Dyanpro, Blum Tandem, Blum Movento and Hettich Quadro runners which we can also supply at competitive rates.

#Q Do your drawers work with side mount or under mount runners?

#A Our boxes can be made to suit both styles of runner. If you are using under mount then we can also prepare the boxes ready for the runners.

#Q I want a cutlery tray but your standard layout doesn’t suit my requirements, what are my options?

#A We can make cutlery inserts and trays to your own layout, all we need is a drawing showing what you want with dimensions where relevant. We can also do the same with our bespoke spice racks.


If you have a question about a dovetail drawer project feel free to call us or email or get in touch with Jotham directly at


Product Focus: Bespoke Walnut Dovetail Drawers



Walnut is an increasingly popular, luxurious timber choice for kitchen designers. This deep and dark wood species has been traditionally associated with chateaus libraries or high end wine cellars. By choosing walnut customers can incorporate this sophistication into the centre of their home.

Walnut is very long-standing and this hardwood species is a great choice for surviving the everyday life of a kitchen. Probox use A grade solid timber to make walnut dovetail drawers.

Walnut is sometimes used throughout a kitchen design or coupled with fresh white cabinets, bringing a craft, traditional element to an otherwise minimal kitchen. Walnut also twins with silver, bronze or painted designs, as well as many other options.

Walnut dovetail drawers are made bespoke, with options such as notched to accept runners, shaped sides, stepped into edges, handle cut out front.  These options also apply to oak, beech, maple and birch ply bespoke dovetail drawers.


Probox also offer runners, with a wide selection to choose from including brands such as Grass and Blum.

Some kitchen designers specify FSC walnut dovetail drawers and we can provide this, as Probox is FSC certified.


Probox expands dovetail drawer branding and personalisation service with laser engraving






Probox is the UK’s leading supplier of solid timber drawer boxes and has been a trusted partner of the kitchen and furniture industry for over 15 years. Probox has expanded its CNC router cutting service to now also include laser etching.

The new laser machine applies precision etching, this is often used to apply branding to dovetail drawers, by marking the side of select drawers with the kitchen or furniture manufacturer’s logo.

To have a logo laser engraved the customer just needs to supply their logo, as a pdf or jpeg along with their dovetail drawer order, they should also specify the size of the logo needed and give an indication of logo positioning on the drawer box. As part of the order process a pdf proof is supplied for customer approval.

Daniel Wells, Director at Probox, commented “Laser engraving is a popular engraving style for branding and personalising solid wood kitchen drawers. We are confident this new engraving machine investment will benefit our customers, enabling them to enhance their drawer boxes with high quality, precision engraving”.

The laser engraving bed is 1200 x 900 mm, which is more than large enough to cater for the branding, personalisation and labelling of dovetail drawers and kitchen accessories.  The existing CNC router cutter is 2440 x 1220mm, with an overflow CNC router machine that’s 600 x 1200mm.

Daniel added “By laser engraving the sides of dovetail drawers, kitchen manufactures can discreetly communicate that the kitchen was hand crafted by their particular company and brand the kitchen as a high quality bespoke design made by craftsmen and add to the perceived value of the kitchen.”

The laser and the router CNC machines can also cut shapes and the engraving is 3 axis.

Daniel added “We expect to run lots of kitchen and furniture manufacture logos on the new laser engraver as this has been the most popular request on our CNC engraving router, but we are also  open to any design ideas with cutting or engraving to enhance a joinery project”


Rowood handmade kitchens and joinery partner with Probox for dovetail drawers







Rowood Ltd is one of Oxfordshire’s premier specialist carpentry companies, based in Brize Norton, Rowood completes a wide range of carpentry projects, including kitchens, bespoke furniture, wooden windows and doors and etc.

Rowood has over 25 years’ experience and has built up a high profile client portfolio across Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds based on the excellence of their joinery. Rowood works with private individuals, companies with property portfolios, country estates and receives joinery commissions from house builders and developers.

Rowood use Probox to create their bespoke dovetail drawers, to be used in kitchen and furniture units.  Nick Roland, Director at Rowood Ltd commented “Probox produce very high quality solid timber dovetail drawers in the bespoke sizes we specify, this allows us to release internal resource to complete other joinery work and deliver projects in a timely manner”.

Nick added “We won’t compromise on quality and that’s why we would only use Probox as a bespoke joinery partner. I know we are not alone, as many other cabinet makers partner with Probox for dovetail drawers, with fantastic results”.

Rowood create bespoke kitchens, often in high end Cotswold stone or unique properties. When they draw up the project, if they use Probox drawers, they send a bespoke brief over and the drawers arrive at the workshop around 10 days later, ready for installation together with drawer runners.

Daniel Wells, Director at Probox commented “Probox work with many cabinet makers and bespoke kitchen producers, our specialist equipment, over 15 years’ experience and tradesman craftsmanship combine to make us the leading UK supplier of solid timber dovetail drawers”.

Probox offer bespoke dovetail drawers in a range of solid timbers, including oak, walnut, maple beech and birch ply. Probox also supply standard sized oak dovetail drawers that can be ordered from stock.


10 reasons why Probox dovetail drawers are such high quality




#1 When a customer orders Probox dovetail drawers online or places an order over the phone each drawer project is drawn up and quoted by an experienced team member, this ensures that the drawers always match the customer’s requirements.


#2 Quality draws start with the timber selection process and Probox only uses A grade solid wood timber. Before the manufacturing process starts the timber is sorted and any wood that doesn’t appear to meet our high standard we discard.


#3 Probox is FSC certified and sources FSC grade timber for all customers that require this specification.  The FSC logo is an assurance that the timber comes from a FSC certified forest and meets FSC standards.


#4 Probox only use single staves on drawers up to 150mm high, beyond that they are matched with quality in mind.


#5 Dovetail joints are precision cut using CNC controlled machinery, providing variable pitch dovetails, allowing for total freedom for the drawer heights. Probox can produce precision ‘traditional’ dovetails with pins wider than the sockets, this makes the dovetail joints more hand crafted in appearance.


#6 All Probox dovetail drawers are hand finished and quality checked buy a dedicated team.


#7 The drawers are hand sprayed with a 10% lacquer for lasting durability. Alternative lacquers are available and some customers ask for the drawers to be produced without lacquer so they can apply their own finish.


#8 A selection of drawer runners are available to buy on the Probox website and have been hand selected for their brand quality, with innovative options such as soft close and press to open.


#9 Probox offers an engraving service. Kitchen and furniture manufacturers often use this to apply their logo onto the sides of the drawers as a mark of the quality of their craftsmanship.


#10 All drawers are carefully individually packed before despatch, this ensures that no damage occurs on route to the customer.


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Eko oak finish drawer kits – Buy Online or Call Us








Eco oak finish drawer kits are an excellent option for bedroom furniture applications, these drawers offer fantastic value in 10 packs and are also available singularly.

The Eko drawers are flat pack kits, easy to assemble and available to buy online with or without drawer runners and clips.

  • Oak finish drawers
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2-3 day delivery
  • Simple online ordering
  • Available with drawer runners
  • Drawers Ready to accept runners


Internal drawer fronts are also available to buy online and can be attached to the Eko oak finish drawer kits.


Drawer runners and clips are available online with Grass Dynamoov or Blum Tandem as options.

Eco oak finish drawer kits are made of quality oak finish wood with dowel joints, they are carefully packed and delivered within 1-2 days.  Each pack comes with all the components needed to make the drawers, including screws and assembly instructions.

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Premium kitchen manufacturers partner with Probox for quality dovetail drawers







Probox is the UK’s leading supplier of solid timber drawer boxes and a trusted partner of the kitchen and furniture industry for over 15 years. Probox use only the highest quality hardwood to make dovetail drawers, guaranteeing single staves on drawers up to 150mm high and offer walnut, oak, ash, beech and maple. Probox uses A grade solid timber, each piece of timber is individually selected with quality in mind.

Probox also offers Birch Ply, this is BB grade and presents a 25% saving compared to solid oak, birch ply is often used for bedroom furniture drawers and for projects where budget won’t allow for solid wood drawers.

Specialist equipment and tradesmen craftsmanship are combined during the manufacturing process to achieve the precision and attention to detail required to produce Probox drawers.

The front, back and sides of the drawers are made from solid timber, the veneered bases are grooved into all four sides for maximum strength. The boxes can be pre-drilled and notched to accept runners.

Dovetail joints are precision cut using CNC controlled machinery, providing variable pitch dovetails, allowing for total freedom for the drawer heights. Probox can produce precision ‘traditional’ dovetails with pins wider than the sockets, this makes the dovetail joints more hand crafted in appearance.

Probox also has an engraving service, many kitchen furniture and manufacturers apply branding to the sides of their drawers with a company logo. Personalisation is also popular, for example applying children’s names to furniture or labelling kitchen drawers I.e cutlery, or utensils.

All boxes are sprayed with a high quality lacquer for long lasting durability and carefully packed before delivery.

For those that need off the shelf high quality dovetail drawers in standard sizes, Probox has Classic Swift, solid oak dovetail drawers can be ordered online or over the phone and are dispatched within 2-3 days.

Talk to Probox today about your drawer box and kitchen accessory requirements.

Call our experienced customer service advisors about your next project on T: 01280 825 776



Interview with Ella from Probox : Find out the answers to typical questions from buyers

Ella (2)





Ella from sales team at Probox team has answered common questions from customers ordering dovetail drawers. If you have any other questions feel free to call

01280 825776 or email 


Q1# When I call Probox, what info do I need to know so I can get my job quoted up?

To get a basic quote we need the width, depth and height of the box(s) needed and the material you want them in. If you can also let us know if you require notching and drilling to suit your runners and any other details you may be after, for example a handle cut-out in the front or engraving on the boxes.


Q2# How long does it take to get a quote?

Generally we get our free, no obligation quotes back to you in the same day, but if you require a quote urgently please contact a member of our team who will be happy to speed up the process.


Q3# Can I buy runners with my drawers?

We can supply runners with our drawer boxes and you can also buy the runners by themselves!  We can supply Blum, Grass and Hettich runners ( available to buy online)


Q4# What is your turn around time?

Our lead time is 10 working days for our standard materials (birch plywood, beech, oak, ash, maple, walnut), if you require drawer boxes in a different material then we will advise the lead time on the quote.


Q5# Can I have drawers that are made from FSC certified timber?

We can offer FSC certified timber, please specify when you send through your enquiry.


Q6# What other items do you make at Probox?

We can also make cutlery tray inserts, spice racks, handled trays and solid Oak drawer fronts.

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