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Christmas holiday -7th of Dec for delivery early in the New Year

We are approaching the Christmas holidays. For delivery before Christmas please be sure to place your order by the end of w/c 3rd Dec. Limited slots available. Get ahead of the game for January by booking in your drawers in after the 7th of Dec for delivery early in the New Year.

December Holiday Dates

We will be closed from Friday the 21st of December and will re-open on Wednesday the 2nd of January


Runners – 5 Top Questions Answered

Blum Tandem Online UK

1# Are Probox Runners competitively priced?

We buy drawer runners across various brands in bulk to cater for our customer orders, allowing us to provide competitively priced runners that are conveniently delivered with drawer box orders.

Ask for a quote for runners with your next drawer box order to see our prices or view on our website.

2# How do the different types of runners effect the drawer box width?

Probox provides a variety of high quality undermount runners, which all require the same calculation.

13mm drawer material = 16mm from carcase opening

15mm drawer material = 12mm from carcase opening

3# Do you offer push to open runners?

Yes, we offer Blum Tandem and Grass Dynapro drawer runners, with all the attachments required to make them push to open runners.

4# Do you offer bulk discounts?

On the Probox website some runner brands have discounts available for bulk orders of 5 pairs or 10 pairs depending on the brand.

If you need a bulk order of runners ask us about discounts when getting your order quoted.

5# Which runners are the easiest to fit?

All the runners are straight forward, but some people find Blum and and Grass runners easy because there are so many videos online showing people how to fit them.

Blum also offers an APP for easy assembly.

Get the APP here

Blum App Online UK

Online Blum App


Add a bespoke handled tray to your order

bespoke solid timber serving trays UK

Probox offers bespoke handled serving trays in solid timber, each tray is made bespoke to your specified size in oak, maple, birch ply, walnut or beech and has dovetailed corners.

The bespoke handled serving tray, also known as a butler tray can be made with 2 or 4 handles. The tray design must be at least 60mm high to accommodate the handle cut out, each handle cut out is 24mm high and 130mm wide in a curved shape.

The bespoke trays are created on a 10-12 day turn around and can be ordered individually or added to your bespoke dovetail drawer order.

Probox also offers laser or router engraving and this can be applied to your bespoke handled tray.

Some kitchen designers incorporate a handled serving trays into the design of their kitchen by providing a slot between cabinets to neatly store the bespoke tray.

Call 01280 825776 or order your tray online


Top 10 technical questions answered – Classic Bespoke Drawers

Classic Bespoke Drawers Online UK

1. What width timber are the bespoke dovetail drawers available in?

The drawers are made in 13mm thick timber labelling as standard or 15mm at no extra cost

2. Do you offer notching and drilling?

This is a popular optional extra, please specify the runners you are using with the dovetail drawers so we can drill to match your runners.

3. I also want a bespoke cutlery tray to fit in the drawer, can you help?

Yes, take at look at our page on cutlery inserts

4. Do you offer engraving?

Some customers like to apply their logo to the sides of the technical  drawers, this allows them to brand the kitchen.  Probox offers laser engraving or etching and this can also be used to label drawers or accessories for customers. Examples could be labelling a drawer with the word cutlery or personalising a bedroom furniture drawer with a child’s name.

5. What is your turn around time for bespoke dovetail drawers?

The turnaround time is 10 working days. It’s worth asking when you place your order as it can be 12 days at very busy times of the year.

6. Are the drawers finished?

The bespoke dovetail drawers are provided as standard with a 10% lacquer. Some customers require the drawers unfinished and so we supply these with no lacquer.

7. Do you supply runners?

Yes, a range of runners are available on our website. All the runners on the Probox site are quality brands such as Grass, Blum or Hettich.

8. What timber materials are available?

As standard we supply oak, maple, beech, walnut or birch ply. We can use other materials on request.

9. What shaping do you offer for the drawers?

We offer shaped sides, stepped top edges or a handle cut out.

10. Do you have a price list?

Prices are dependent on the material used and the size of the dovetail drawer so each dovetail drawer job has a bespoke quote


Product focus: Spice Rack

bespoke wooden spice rack

Probox offer wooden spice racks in a range of standard sizes (Can also create a completely bespoke size based on your design)

Standard sizes

  • 600mm high (Custom width, to suit your space) 3 shelf’s
  • 900mm high (Custom width, to suit your space) 4 shelf’s
  • 1200mm high (Custom width, to suit your space) 5 shelf’s
  • The Probox bespoke wooden spice racks is available in our standard solid timbers, oak, maple, walnut, birch ply and beech.
  • Each spice rack is 100mm depth as standard and is made from 15 mm thick material with pre-fitted metal keyhole mounting plates.
  • As standard the spice racks come with 8mm dowels on each shelf.
  • Probox bespoke wooden spice racks have a 10 day turnaround.

Click here to order


Top 10 technical questions answered – Classic Swift Drawers

Classic Swift Drawers with Runners

Classic Swift is a range of high quality standard sized oak dovetail drawers that are ordered from stock at Probox.

1. When using Classic Swift Drawers with runners what is the standard space needed for runners

8mm space either side

2. What is the thickness of the timber used to make the drawers?

13mm thickness on Classic Swift drawers.

3. What runners work best with Classic Swift drawers?

We suggest using any Blum runners or Grass Dynapro runners from the selection on the Probox website.

4. Are the drawers notched and drilled?

Classic Swift drawers are notched but not drilled, allowing you to choose your runners from a range of options.

5. What is the turnaround time?

We hold Classic Swift in stock and ready to dispatch. The standard delivery time is 1-2 days, but if you need the drawers in a hurry then ring the office and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

6. What if I’m not sure about using classic swift because of the carcass size?

Classic Swift is designed to suit standard sizes 18mm (layon) or 36mm (Inframed) for standard sized units e.g. 600/700/800, call Probox if you have any specific questions.

7. Are Classic Swift drawers finished?

Yes, the drawers are finished with a 10% lacquer

8. What are the heights and depths available?

90mm high and 440mm depth

180 high with 440mm or 490mm depth

9. Do you have a price list available?

All the prices are available when ordering on the Probox website. We also have a pdf price list available on request.

10. How can I order Classic Swift dovetail drawers ?

Many people order on the Probox website, but you can also call on 01280 825776 to place your order and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

If you don’t have an account please have your details ready so we can set you up on our system.  You can also email us  at [email protected] with your request and we’ll get in touch.


Probox cater for a range of kitchen styles with dovetail drawers in a selection of materials

kitchen Dovetail Drawer

Probox create the range drawers in a wide range of materials, including oak, walnut, beech, maple and birch ply.

All dovetail drawer options (except birch ply) are made using A grade select solid/ hardwood timber.  Hardwood offers a pristine finish and due its nature is very durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Solid oak is the most popular timber choice, partly because many kitchens are made using oak and also because oak offers a neutral tone that’s often used with painted panels, high gloss kitchen styles cabinets in UK or other timbers.

Solid walnut is the most premium solid timber option and offers a dramatic dark tone, this can be used to create contrast in a kitchen design. This luxurious timber choice has been traditionally associated with chateaus libraries or high end wine cellars and by choosing walnut customers can incorporate this sophistication into the center of their home.

For a paler scheme beech or maple are other alternatives to oak. Beech is strong and durable with a close straight grain, polishes well and offers a small cost saving on oak.

Maple is more durable than oak and is one of the hardest woods suitable for kitchens, standing up to dings and dents, maple is priced slightly higher than oak.

All the Probox solid wood options offer a premium, durable and long lasting result, the choice of timber can be down to customer preference, colour matching, creating contrast or budget.

Birch ply is an economy alternative and is often used in very modern kitchens and also for bedroom or office furniture, this BB grade wood offers a 25% saving on solid oak.  Birch ply is constructed using solid birch veneers, with a quality birch face on either side and offers an extremely stable and solid material.

As well as bespoke made drawers Probox also offers ‘Classic Swift’ a range of solid oak drawers in a range of sizes, these drawers are hand crafted with dovetail joints are stored ready for dispatch. Classic Swift offers a cost and time saving for those that need dovetail drawers that match the sizes within the range drawers (details on Probox website). Another drawer solution at Probox is ‘Eko’ in oak finish, these are drawer kits are made from of quality oak finish wood with dowel joints. Each pack comes with all the components needed to make the range drawers, including screws and assembly instructions.


Notching for undermount runners Q&A

Notching for Undermount Drawer Runners

Probox offer the preparation needed to apply your draw runners box, this is notching and drilling.

#Q What is notching?

#A Notching is small areas that are cut out of the drawer underneath to accept runners.

#Q Why would I need notching?:

#A If you are using undermount drawers runners UK then you will need notching to allow the runners to be fitted

#Q Do I need drilling?

#A When you apply undermount drawer runners you will need drilling to fit the runners. Probox offer this as part of the service to save you time. The drilling pattern will depend on the runners you choose. When you order your dovetail drawers, simply specify which runners you are using and Probox will apply the correct drilling pattern to suit.

#Q What about internal drawers?

#A If you are using the boxes as an internal drawer then you only need the notching at the rear of the box and we can design the box to have a 15mm drop front (this means the front is larger than the sides and the back). The drop front conceals the undermount drawer runners when viewing the drawer once fitted.


Probox expands range of Classic Swift standard sized drawers

Probox stocks a range of standard sized drawers called ‘Classic Swift’. These are solid A grade oak dovetail drawers in a range of sizes.

Probox has now expanded the range to include 180mm high drawers that suit 450mm under mount runners for both Lay On and In Frame applications.

The Classic Swift range is easy to order on our website. The dovetail drawers are then taken from stock and delivered out with protective packaging.

Daniel Wells, commented “Our customers have been asking for a drawer with a larger height, so we now stock a range of drawers with 180mm height that suit 450mm under mount runners, these are all now available to buy via our website”.

Order online 

Oak Standard Notched Dovetail Drawers UK


Q&A with Jotham from Probox Drawers

Jotham Account Manager at Probox Drawers

Jotham is an account manager at Probox Drawers, he has many years of experience working with dovetail drawers runners and spends much of his time guiding customers through the production process.

Jotham commented “Customers often look through our website and then ring us just to confirm a couple of points about their boxes, we are always happy to answer any questions people have”.

#Q I want a drawer runners box but I don’t want a separate drawer front, what are my options?

#A We can offer boxes that come with a handle cut out, meaning a drawer runners front/handles don’t need to be applied. With these boxes we can also offer a 15mm dropped front which is used to hide the runner and provides a neater appearance. We have a range of standard cut outs on offer, but we can also make cut-outs to your design.

#Q Do you offer laser engraving, I want to put my logo on the side of some of my drawers?

#A Yes laser engraving is a new option we are able to offer and means we can produce engraving with fine details and provides a nice colour contrast against the material.

#Q I know my carcase size, but what size should my drawer be, can you help me?

#A It depends what drawer runners thickness you want. If you go for our standard range which is a 13mm material then you need to deduct 16mm from your opening width but if you are having boxes with 15mm material, like the Birch plywood, then you need to deduct 12mm from the opening. These calculations work for the Grass Dyanpro, Blum Tandem, Blum Movento and Hettich Quadro runners which we can also supply at competitive rates.

#Q Do your drawers work with side mount or under mount runners?

#A Our boxes can be made to suit both styles of runner. If you are using under mount then we can also prepare the boxes ready for the runners.

#Q I want a cutlery tray but your standard layout doesn’t suit my requirements, what are my options?

#A We can make cutlery inserts and trays to your own layout, all we need is a drawing showing what you want with dimensions where relevant. We can also do the same with our bespoke spice racks.

If you have a question about a dovetail drawer runners project feel free to call us or email [email protected] or get in touch with Jotham directly at [email protected]

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