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What makes a high quality drawer box

Manufacturing a Quality Dovetailed Drawer Box

Probox selects the best quality wood timber for drawers to help our craftsmen create quality dovetailed drawer boxes with a superior finish. We know exactly what makes a top drawer, and that’s why our customers choose our products. Our drawers are made using state-of-the-art machinery and go through strict quality control procedures. This means our customers get the best wood for kitchen drawers selection, flawless lacquering, and a stunning finish.

When thinking about the specification of your drawer box, make sure you keep these things in mind:

· Timber selection
· Accuracy of machining and assembly
· Quality of the cut
· Superior finish

If you work with Probox, these are all things we will manage on your behalf.

Choosing a Timber

The type of best wood for drawers specified is primarily down to personal choice and style. However different woods have a range of characteristics which should be considered to ensure you receive what you’re expecting. For instance, Walnut has a high percentage of sap in the wood which is light and can give a streaky appearance.  The reason why walnut is more expensive than oak is due to the high percentage of waste to ensure the even colour that most customers expect. A cheaper walnut drawer may often have irregular stripes and colours, so it’s always a good idea to invest in high quality walnut.

Given the popularity of oak, we use both American White Oak and European Oak as standard, and supplied either lacquered or unfinished. American oak can be more consistent in colour grain pattern, whilst its European cousin is marginally darker with a more-pronounced grain. We use mostly crown-cut oak; quarter-sawn oak can also be used but it is a more expensive option.
It’s important to recognise that wood is a natural material so the natural properties, such as grain and tone, may vary greatly per piece. We try to select timber with fewer knots unless this is a desired characteristic of your selected timber.

Hardwoods are the best choice of wood for drawers boxes, with oak being a popular choice at present but Walnut, Maple, Ash, Birch, Beech, Cherry, Tulipwood (Poplar) and Cedar are all great choices.  If you need to trim the budget ask Probox about the smart new Birch Ply drawers or specify a softwood such as Pine drawer boxes.

A Duty to Detail

The sides of a drawer are typically 13 or 15mm thick and made from single panel of wood (a stave). If the drawer is over a certain height the wood panel is made from a few staves that have been joined securely together. The higher the quality of the wood panel, the larger the stave and better colour/grain matching – this means less visible joins.

When constructing your drawer box we ensure a tight accurate joint, firmly glued together so there are no unsightly gaps or glue residue. We use a base of 9mm – 10mm and cut grooves into all four sides to ensure a tight, strong supportive base.

A Quality Finish

There should never be any drips or lines on a lacquered box – it should always be a smooth finish. We use two coats of child-safe lacquer to protect the wood for drawer boxes, de-nibbing between each coat, giving an even sheen to the overall finish of your drawer box.

‘The details are not the details. They make the design.’ Charles Eames

Machine cutting ensures high quality dovetails

Machine cutting ensures high quality dovetails

Assembly of dovetail drawer box

Assembly of dovetail drawer box

Hand lacquered and finished drawers

Hand lacquered and finished drawers


What’s NEW from Probox – KBB 2016

Probox demonstrated its breadth of technical expertise and new manufacturing capability at this year’s KBB alternative show with a display of curved fronts, shapes, glass fronted panels and beautiful dovetailed drawers in a choice of high quality timbers.  They also launched a timber alternative to metal kitchen drawer boxes which showcases the beauty of dovetails.

Dovetail drawer boxes signify quality in furniture and take time and expertise to create, so it can save money to outsource the manufacture to Probox.  As the leading supplier they produce bespoke boxes quickly and to a very high standard.   As specialists, they produce solid wood drawers and accessories in any timber, size and specification, with precision cut dovetails smoothly finished, lacquered and ready for installation.

In 2016, Probox added a Birch ply to their standard portfolio which enables designers to offer a dovetail drawer box as a competitive alternative to metal.  This ensures that the furniture or kitchen retains its bespoke feel yet is differentiated against other mainstream retailers that may use metal boxes as standard. Birch is made even stronger by a ply composition, and when cut and used as a dovetail, perfectly highlights the precision and quality of this joint. It looks particularly attractive when used with contemporary finishes.

‘Just as kitchen designers are always looking for new ways to offer something unique and special to their clients, Probox has innovation and quality at its heart,’ says Probox Director Mark Wells.  ‘Bespoke dovetail drawers are a beautiful addition to any kitchen, and Probox birch ply drawers give designers an opportunity to remain competitive yet still ensuring a high quality stylish product.’

dovetailed drawers online ukProbox Bespoke Birch Ply Online UKBespoke dovetail drawers Online from ProboxBuy Online Bespoke Dovetail Drawers

Please contact Probox to discuss your project in person and request a quotation for bespoke products and accessories.


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Bespoke and Contemporary. NEW Birch Ply

Probox offers a new Birch plywood drawers option to designers and plywood  furniture manufacturers.   Perfect for kitchens and bedroom furniture, the finish and dovetails are both striking and modern, offering an interesting alternative to metal drawers.  The classic dovetail ensures that the furniture or kitchen retains its bespoke feel whilst the contemporary material looks great with smooth gloss finishes, bright colours or subtle wood grains.

‘Just as kitchen designers are always looking for new ways to offer something unique and special to their clients, Probox is always developing new ideas,’ says Probox Director Mark Wells.  ‘Bespoke dovetail drawers are an elegant addition to any piece of furniture, and Birch plywood furniture uk gives designers the opportunity to remain competitive yet still ensuring a high quality stylish product.’

Birch plywood drawers UK can be made to measure with front or side facing dovetails for maximum design impact.   Please contact Probox to discuss your project in person and request a quotation for bespoke plywood furniture Uk products and accessories.

Birch Ply Dovetail Drawers Birch Ply Dovetail Drawers Online Birch Ply Dovetail Drawers UK Buy Online Birch Ply Dovetail Drawers in UK



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Probox Drawers get ready to exhibit at the KBB Show!

Kitchen drawer box onlineProbox Drawers get ready to exhibit at the KBB Show!

Probox, the quality drawer box supplier, is excited to be exhibiting once again at this year’s KBB Show drawer at the NEC – Stand H129

This year, Probox will be demonstrating its high levels of product and finishing quality whilst showcasing innovations made possible by recent investments in design, new machinery and technology.   ‘We are looking forward to seeing our many existing customers at the kbb show , whilst introducing our service to new customers in the kitchen and furniture industry,’ explains Mark Wells, Managing Director of Probox. ‘Manufacturers and retailers may not be aware they can outsource their drawer boxes to Probox, and be confident of the quality of timber and finish.’

As a trusted partner for the furniture industry, Probox has been supplying bespoke solid wood dovetail drawers for over 15 years.   This key element of a kitchen is often considered as a sign that a kitchen has been made to the highest standards.  As they can be time consuming and therefore costly to make, Probox offers a convenient and cost saving service to the industry, making high quality drawer boxes to any specification.

‘Quality and consistency is absolutely paramount,’ says Wells. ‘We have evaluated our range and production methods and are investing in more ways to best serve our customers – and that includes new machinery.  It’s a very exciting time for Probox!’

Probox supplies a number of industries from kitchen retailers, manufacturers and designers to housebuilders, shopfitters and hotel groups.

This is not the first time Probox has exhibited at KBB.  In 2014 they launched the Swift range, a series of standard size, ready to despatch, solid oak dovetail drawers. These  readymade drawer boxes are made to the same quality levels as those made to order, they are simply available for delivery within 1-2 days making them a convenient option for furniture manufacturers.

All Probox solid wood dovetail drawers are supplied fully glued and assembled, prepared for runners, hand finished with two coats of clear lacquer and ready for immediate installation. Some customers prefer other details which the company are able to accommodate as well as bespoke details like cutlery inserts and spice racks. Probox have stringent quality control procedures in place to ensure you get precisely the drawers you require.

Please contact Probox to discuss your project in person or order directly online.  They advise on products and can supply drawer runners and any other additional items with your order.


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